Jeedom data integration

(Jeedom website)

Note: Heatium App (Apple Appstore) or Heatium Webapp v2 ( ) is required to display your Jeedom data.

What will the plugin do ?

The plugin will add your Jeedom temperature sensor's to your Heatium graph. Allowing to double check the different sensors type (ex: netatmo valves vs Orion sensor) Heatium will put all the Netatmo sensors, Jeedom sensors and Netatmo Station sensors together. You will be able to hide the unwanted data in Heatium directly.

How to link jeedom

1/ Install the Heatium plugin to your jeedom installation
2/ Configure the plugin and connect it to Netatmo.


1/ Allow jeedom to search for plugin outside the market place ( by url )
2/ Put the following plugin URL to your jeedom 'update':
configure the plug in (add a new component), and connect it to your netatmo account.

Plugin version : 1.0
Plugin date : 17 March 2019 22:17:17

Confidentiality & privacy

The plugin will securely send the jeedom sensor's temperatures of the last 24 hours to Heatium. All transfers are encrpyted with SSL. The data are not archived, and only the last 24 will be available on Heatium. All data are anonymized. No email, personnal info, ... are used nor stored. (I have no interest in your data).

Why the plugin is not in the Jeedom market place ?

Because Jeedom, in this case, is only used to fetch your sensors' data, not no display them. Jeedom team doesn't want that.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write an email to:

Last update: April 2, 2019.